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Home Warranty of America Review

Review: HWA Review

This review was created to help you better understand the pros and cons of home warranty plans provided by Home Warranty of America.

This review was created to help you better understand the pros and cons of home warranty plans provided by Home Warranty of America.

Home Warranty of America Summary

Home Warranty of America (HWA) offers generous 13-month warranty plans to protect your home’s systems and appliances from normal wear and tear. Founded in 1996, the company operates in all 50 states, including Washington D.C. It provides home warranties with two tiers of coverage and accepts claims submissions 24/7 via its website and dedicated customer service team.

As a customer, you can opt for the service whether you’re planning to sell your home, buy a new one, or want financial protection for your current residence. Find out how you can protect your budget from unexpected breakdowns by signing up for service. Our review team will explain the company’s coverage options, pricing, and contract exclusions. We’ll also explain how to sign up for coverage with Home Warranty of America. 


Pros Cons
Offers an eco-friendly, GreenPlus option to protect Energy Star qualified products.  Limit of $15,000 payout cap per contract term.
Available in all 50 states. Air conditioning coverage is not available in the base package. 
Works with a network of over 25,000 trusted technicians located nationwide.

Home Warranty of America Coverage Options and Costs

Home warranties are optional coverage that protect your home’s most essential systems and appliances. It’s different from homeowner’s insurance which is generally required and used to cover repair costs when disasters like fire, theft, or storm damage occur. Instead, a home warranty plan offers financial relief for inevitable breakdowns as your home’s equipment faces mechanical issues with age. 

For homeowners, Home Warranty of America offers two pre-bundled packages and a list of optional add-ons for more customized coverage. The significant differences between the options are the Premier Plan provides basic coverage for most home systems and appliances, and the Premier PLUS Plan includes protection for the air conditioner and covers more components than the basic contract. 

Here are how the two packages compare. 

Appliance or system Premier Plan

$46.08/ month*

Premier PLUS Plan


Air conditioning system or cooler No coverage Premium coverage
Heating system Basic coverage Premium coverage
Water heater Basic coverage Premium coverage
Plumbing system Basic coverage Premium coverage
Dishwasher Basic coverage Premium coverage
Built-in microwave Basic coverage Premium coverage
Range, oven, cooktop Basic coverage Premium coverage
Trash compactor Basic coverage Premium coverage
Garage door systems Basic coverage Premium coverage
Whirlpool bathtub
Electrical system
Permanent sump pump
Ceiling fans and exhaust fans
Central vacuum
Burglar and fire alarm systems
Garbage disposal
Refrigerator with ice maker
Washing machine

*Prices may vary based on location, the size of your home, and the selected coverage options. Reach out to Home Warranty of America for your customized quote. 

Plans with basic coverage include protection for the components required to properly operate home systems and appliances. The more comprehensive premium coverage extends the coverage to protect some cosmetic and more minor issues, including: 

  • Filters and heat lamps for the heating system or furnace. 
  • Dishwasher baskets, rollers, door seals.
  • Water heater issues caused by sediment buildup. 
  • Remote receiving and transmitting problems for garage door openers. 
  • Plumbing system fixtures, faucets, shower heads, and interior hose bibs. 

Home Warranty of America has no restrictions based on the age of covered equipment and appliances. 

Optional Coverage

In addition to the two standard packages, customers can also choose from a vast list of optional add-ons.

System or appliance Average price per month What’s covered
Pool/Spa combo $19.15 Above-ground components include heating, pumping, and filtration units. 
Saltwater pools $25.31 Circuit board and salt cell coverage.
Stand-alone freezer $3.00 Components and parts, including integral freezer unit. 
Additional refrigerator $7.62 All components and parts
Septic system  $5.31 Aerobic pump, jet pump, sewage ejector pump, septic tank, and lines.
Septic tank pumping $4.54 Covers the labor for septic tank pumping.
Well pump $6.85 All parts and components.
Premium coverage $5.31 Includes additional coverage for over 30 items 
GreenPlus $7.62 Home systems and appliances will be replaced with Energy Star-qualified products.

Exclusions and Limitations from Coverage

Like most other warranty providers, Home Warranty of America excludes certain repairs and has coverage payout limits. Per a sample contract, we found that the company is obligated for no more than $5,000 per covered item and up to $15,000 throughout the coverage period.

For a full list of exclusions and limitations for the available plans, HWA can provide you with a coverage letter that includes the Plan Coverage Summary. The document explains that issues like pre-existing conditions, routine maintenance, removal of old appliances, and damage caused by natural disasters are disqualified from coverage. 

Service Trade Fee

Trade service fees are common within the industry and are due to a technician once they arrive on-site to address a breakdown. Home Warranty of America costs starts at $75 but opting for a $100 service fee can lower the contract’s annual cost.

Get a Home Warranty of America Quote

Customers can easily sign up for service on the Home Warranty of America website. After choosing your plan, you are asked for your contact information and location. Our reviews team received an email immediately after filling out the submission form. We were then invited to discuss the details further with a dedicated representative who offered special promotions. 

Alternatively, you can enter your credit card information on the website and complete the purchasing process immediately. Home Warranty of America does institute a 30-day waiting period before coverage will begin. 

Home Warranty of America Claims Process

Home Warranty of America accepts claims submissions 24/7 via an online submission form. Or, you can call 888-492-7359 to speak with a customer service representative directly. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact the company about an issue as soon as it’s discovered. 

Once HWA is notified, they assign an authorized repair technician generally within 24 to 48 hours of a service request. Opting to hire your own tech without the prior approval of HWA will result in a denied claim.

A policyholder is required to pay the designated service trade call fee once the assigned technician arrives on your property. Failure to pay the expense will result in a suspension of coverage until the delinquency is paid in full. 

Home Warranty of America has a warranty of 90-days for parts and 30-days for labor after the initial repair is performed. If a technician returns to address the same issue, policyholders are exempt from paying an additional trade service fee. 

Customer Reviews

Based on its profile on Trustpilot, Home Warranty of America has an average 3.6-of-5.0 star rating. After over 300 reviews, the team shows its 5-Star feedback accounts for 56% of all reviews. Here are a few examples of how customers discuss their experience with the warranty provider. 

“Filed my claim online, the vendor was assigned in the allotted time and almost immediately called to give me my appointment time for the next day. They called the next morning to tell me they would be out earlier than expected. Plumbing issue was fixed and they walked me through other ways to handle shutting off the water, should we ever need to again.” —M. Burns, 09/2022, 5-Stars.

“It was easy to schedule an appointment to get our issue resolved. The technician that was sent was courteous and knowledgeable. Our plumbing issue was resolved within 24 hours of our contact with HWA.” —Jerry Thompson, 09/2022, 5-Stars.

Other common trends amongst reviews showcased satisfaction with the customer service team, HWA’s quick response to resolve issues, and quality technicians. 

However, some unsatisfied customers say issues that should be covered were denied or they have trouble contacting the company for an update on their claims. 

The Bottom Line

With nearly 30 years in the home warranty industry, Home Warranty of America proves to be a solid choice as a reputable provider. The base level of coverage is suitable for properties with newer home systems and appliances. However, we suggest opting for the more comprehensive Premier PLUS Plan to protect cosmetic defects and add coverage for an air conditioning system. 

We also appreciate that Home Warranty of America makes claims submissions simple and that it’s available 24/7. Customers benefit from quick service responses because of the warranty provider’s vast network of nationally located technicians. 

An issue we found stems from the various types of feedback the company receives on review websites. While most have positive experiences, there are a concerning number of policyholders that feel like the contract isn’t as comprehensive as HWA claims. There are numerous reports of questionable claim denials and miscommunication while seeking answers. These situations can often be avoided by thoroughly understanding a provider’s terms and conditions before signing up for coverage. 

If you’re ready to protect your home’s most valuable home systems and appliances, consider signing up for the reputable service provided by Home Warranty of America.