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First American Home Warranty Review

Review: First American Home Warranty

This review was created to help you better understand the pros and cons of home warranty plans provided by First American Home Warranty.

This review was created to help you better understand the pros and cons of home warranty plans provided by First American Home Warranty.

First American Home Warranty Summary

First American Home Warranty was established in 1984 and currently offers three home warranty packages in 34 states. The provider claims that in 2021 alone, it paid over $219 million for repairs or replacements for its more than 625,000 customers. First American is praised for its seven-day customer service availability, generous claim acceptance and coverage caps, and its long-standing presence in the home warranty industry. 

If you’re on the fence about signing up with First American Home Warranty, the company has recently added a new warranty plan and revamped some of its coverage options.

Read on to find out what you can expect when signing up for service, obtaining a free quote, coverage and exclusion information, and what customers say about working with the company. 

What’s new with First American Home Warranty coverage?

  • Added a Premium plan that covers parts often disqualified from home warranty coverage, like cosmetic components, hinges, and heat registers.
  • Offers a plan that increases coverage caps for repairs or replacements of home systems and appliances.

First American Home Warranty plans

First American offers three pre-bundled warranty packages so customers can choose the extent of their coverage. Customers can also include optional equipment for an additional monthly fee. Here is how the packages compare for a property in Texas*. 

Home system or appliance Starter Essential Premium
Kitchen refrigerator
Kitchen range hood
Built-in microwave
Oven, range, and cooktop
Plumbing and stoppages
Toilet tanks, bowls, and mechanisms
Electrical system
Heating system
HVAC ductwork
Clothes washer and dryer
Trash compactor
Water heater
Attic, exhaust, and ceiling fans
Garage door opener
Air Conditioning system
Improper installations or modifications
Garbage disposal
Instant hot water dispenser
Shower head and shower arm
Central vacuum system
Heating registers, grills, and filters
Window AC units

*Types of coverage may vary depending on location. Reach out to First American Home Warranty to find out what’s included in your specific region.

Under the Essential and Premium plans, customers get the First American Advantage policy. The coverage covers costs related to failures caused by improper installations, correcting code violations, and paying for local building permits when necessary.

Customers can include these home systems and appliances in their plan for more customizable coverage as optional add-ons.

Pool/Spa equipment
Well pump
Additional refrigeration
Limited roof leak
Septic tank pumping/system
Water softener/reverse osmosis filtration system
HVAC tune-up


In addition to covering more equipment than other packages, the Premium plan also increases the coverage payout limits for many appliances or systems.

Coverage and exclusion details

First American Home Warranty says that home systems and appliances are covered from malfunctions caused by normal wear and tear. The warranty includes components that are necessary for the equipment’s normal operation. 

Here’s a look at what’s covered on major equipment and how the Premium plan offers more comprehensive protection. 

  • Plumbing system: Covers pumps, bathtub motors, valves, leaks, and permanently installed sump pumps. Concrete modifications are covered up to $500. The Premium plan extends coverage for garbage disposals, faucets, shower arms, and boosts concrete costs to $1,000.
  • Heating system: Covers heat pumps, heating elements, circulating pumps, and radiators. The Premium plan includes grills, filters, and registers. 
  • Kitchen Appliances: Includes coverage for essential components on dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, and built-in microwaves up to $3,500. The Premium plan enhances coverage caps to $7,000 per appliance. 
  • First American Advantage: Pays up to $500 to correct code violations, obtain building permits, and repair improperly installed equipment. The Premium plan boosts this coverage to $1,000.

Exclusions from coverage

First American Home Warranty does limit what’s covered for your home systems and appliances. Per its sample contract, the company lists a few exclusions that are excluded from the warranty. 

  • It does not include home systems or appliances unless they are in safe working order at the start of coverage. 
  • Repairs or replacements required as a result of missing parts, fire, flood, or pest damage are not included. 
  • First American will not pay for any structural modifications required during a repair or replacement. 
  • The contract does not include routine maintenance. 
  • The company is not responsible for repairing any system, appliance, or component involved in a manufacturer recall. 

The list of exclusions from First American Home Warranty is standard throughout the industry. Check out a copy of the sample contract for a complete list of what is and isn’t covered. 

First American Home Warranty cost information

First American does not offer ballpark pricing on its website, as factors like your location and home size will affect the cost. However, obtaining a customized quote is simple. Interested homeowners can visit the company’s website and enter their contact information and address.

Our reviews team asked for a personalized quote for a property in Dallas, TX, and were offered prices ranging from $47 to $87 per month.

First American Home Warranty also requires customers to pay a service trade fee when they file a claim. You can choose to pay $75, $100, or $125 per claim and your monthly payment will either increase or decrease depending on the monthly rate. Here is how the prices break down for the three available packages. 

Service Fee Starter  Essential  Premium 
$75 $62/mo. $72/mo. $87/mo.
$100 $52/mo. $62/mo. $77/mo.
$125 $47/mo. $57/mo. $72/mo.


Once you sign up for coverage, your contract is valid after a 30-day waiting period.

What to expect when making a claim

As a First American Home Warranty policyholder, you can access an online portal to make a claim. Or, you can call the claim’s service department at 800-992-3400 24 hours a day. Once your claim is submitted, a representative will generally reach out within 48 hours.

The customer service expert will schedule an appointment with a licensed technician from its vast network of trusted repair services. Once on-site, the technician will diagnose the issue and repair or replace the system or appliance if it is covered under warranty. A 30-day guarantee covers the repair work. So, if the appliance or home system fails due to the same issue, you won’t have to pay an additional service fee. 

First American Home Warranty Customer Testimonials

The Better Business Bureau accredited First Home Warranty in 2000 and currently gives the company a B rating. Its reputation based on actual customer feedback shows 2.3-of-5.0 stars after over 2,200 reviews. Here are some positive and critical examples of how customers explain their experience with the provider.

“A faulty circuit board caused my refrigerator to quit running, and when it was repaired, the corrected part blew the circuit breaker of the attached receptacle. The receptacle was replaced and the repair was complete. All was done as quickly as promised. No problems since, and I’m completely satisfied.” — Fred, 12/08/2022, 5 Stars.

“This company has been more than fair with my household. Their services are the best offered among the home repair warranty companies.” —Tom, 12/03/2022, 5 Stars.

“I am very dissatisfied with the service that is being rendered to me. I have been waiting for almost two months, and my washer is still not repaired. I am beyond frustrated. Claim was filed on Oct 5th, 2022.” —Hardeo, 11/22/2022, 1 Stars.

“Worst customer communication from a company ever. No email or chat available, 30+ minute wait times just to be transferred and wait for 30 more.”—Parii, 11/20/2022, 3 Stars

Among the reviews, some customers claim First American stood by their promises to repair covered items quickly and others are frustrated with denied claims, unsatisfactory repairs, and communication issues. When reviewing customer ratings and complaints, we find that the home warranty company is quick to respond to criticism and take action to resolve the problems. 

Our conclusion

First American Home Warranty is one of the most reputable providers in the industry, thanks to its long-standing experience, 24/7 claims acceptance, and generous payouts to repair home systems or appliances. Since the company doesn’t require a home inspection, it’s an excellent option for homeowners with older equipment.

We also recommend First American Home Warranty because of its new and improved Premium plan. With the comprehensive upgrade, customers can obtain total-home coverage, significant coverage cap increases and protect their budgets from a vast list of component failures. 

Unfortunately, First American Home Warranty is unavailable in AK, CT, DE, HI, IL, LA, ME, MA, MN, NH, NY, ND, RI, VT, or WI. However, if you’re in a state with coverage, you can benefit from the team’s new-and-improved services and its long-standing experience in the home warranty industry by reaching out for a free, no-obligation quote. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does First American Home Warranty cost?

First American Home Warranty costs between $28 and $50 a month according to the quotes House Method received. Premium prices vary based on location and the level of home warranty coverage customers choose.
There’s also a $75 service fee, which is paid to the pre-approved contractor upon appointment for service. These prices are average, as most home warranty plans range from $25 to $67 per month with service fees between $75 and $125.

Does First American cover plumbing?

Plumbing problems are covered by all First American home warranty plans.  Plumbing insurance under this home warranty company includes:
– Pressure regulators
– Circulating hot water pump
– Bathtub motor, pump, and air switch assemblies
– Permanently installed sump pumps (groundwater only)
– Valves—shower, tub, diverter, riser, angle stop, and gate valves
– Leaks and breaks of water, drain, gas, vent, or sewer lines (except caused by freezing)
– Toilet tanks, bowls, and mechanisms (replaced with white builder’s standard as necessary)
– Clearing of stoppages in sinks, tubs, shower drains, and toilets; sewer and mainline stoppages; and lateral drain lines up to 125 feet.

Can I cancel my First American Home Warranty policy?

First American Home Warranty asks potential customers to read their contract carefully before signing and they ask current customers to contact the home warranty company if they wish to cancel.
Cancellation policies vary from state to state, but home warranty customers can usually cancel their First American home warranty plan at any time, so we’d be surprised if this was not the case with First American.
Also, note that most home warranty companies charge an administration fee which is required by law. This fee is usually $50.

Does First American Home Warranty cover mold?

No, First American Home Warranty does not cover mold. Here’s an excerpt from its sample contract regarding this type of coverage:

The Company will not effect service involving hazardous or toxic materials, including asbestos or any other contaminants. The Company is not responsible for any claim arising out of any pathogenic organisms regardless of any event of cause that contributed in any sequence to damage or injury. Pathogenic organisms mean any bacteria, yeasts, mildew, virus, fungi, mold or their spores, mycotoxins or other metabolic products.

What does First American cover?

First American Home Warranty covers major systems and appliances that break from normal wear and tear. This includes home systems, like heating and air conditioning, and home appliances, such as dishwashers and water heaters.

The company has a slew of other protection plans in addition to home warranties, including First American renters insurance, auto insurance, and landlord insurance. You might also consider First American Property and Casualty Insurance Group, which covers condominiums, or First American’s personal umbrella policy, which keeps you covered when you have reached the underlying liability limits on your auto or homeowner insurance.