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Choice Home Warranty Review

Review: Choice Home Warranty

This review was created to help you better understand the pros and cons of home warranty plans provided by Choice Home Warranty.

This review was created to help you better understand the pros and cons of home warranty plans provided by Choice Home Warranty.

Choice Home Warranty Summary

Choice Home Warranty plans are comprehensive home protection plans that guard against the high cost of repairing or replacing major systems and appliances. CHW covers systems, like air conditioning and heating, and appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators that break down from general use and normal wear and tear.

  • Most comprehensive coverage
  • Doesn’t deny coverage based on age of systems/appliances
  • Has a network of reliable, local technicians
  • Provides after-hours service

Choice Home Warranty plans

Choice Home Warranty offers two home warranty plans at an average cost of $29–$42 per month.

  • Basic Plan—This plan covers 14 home appliances and systems.
  • Total Plan—This offers more comprehensive coverage and protects 18 home appliances and systems.

*Note: Choice also offers optional coverage options for pool and spa equipment, septic tank pumping, septic systems, well pumps, sump pumps, central vacuum, limited rood leaks, stand alone freezers, or a second refrigerator.

Choice Home Warranty coverage

Choice Home Warranty offers two home warranty plans—a Basic Plan and a Total Plan—with the opportunity to add on additional coverage per item, including optional coverage for a well pump or second refrigerator.

Basic Plan


  • Heating system
  • Ductwork
  • Water heater
  • Plumbing System
  • Plumbing stoppage
  • Whirlpool bathtub
  • Electrical system
  • Exhaust/ceiling fans
  • Garage door opener
  • Garbage disposal
  • Oven/range/stove
  • Cooktop
  • Built-in microwave
  • Dishwasher

Total Plan


  • Heating system
  • Ductwork
  • Water heater
  • Plumbing System
  • Plumbing stoppage
  • Whirlpool bathtub
  • Electrical system
  • Exhaust/ceiling fans
  • Garage door opener
  • Garbage disposal
  • Oven/range/stove
  • Cooktop
  • Built-in microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Clothes washer/dryer
  • Air conditioning

Optional Coverage


  • Central vacuum
  • Limited roof leak
  • Septic system
  • Septic tank pumping
  • Sump pump
  • Well pump
  • Pool/spa
  • Second refrigerator
  • Stand-alone freezer

Choice Home Warranty covers a variety of major home systems and appliances under their contracts. Air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical for example, are all major systems protected by a Choice plan.

Air conditioning

Under a Choice Home Warranty plan, all components and parts of an air conditioner are covered. The ducted air conditioner units should not exceed a capacity of five tons and should be designed for residential use only. Note: ductless and window units are not covered.


Your contract will cover all components and parts that allow your heating system to operate efficiently and effectively. Heat pumps, underground piping, radiators, fireplaces, outdoor grills, and heat lamps are not included in this coverage.


Plumbing issues are bound to happen at one point or another. Leaks and breaks (except those that are caused by freezing or tree roots), toilet tank issues, bowls and mechanisms, valves, whirlpool motors, and clogs in sewer lines up to 100 feet are all covered.


Your electrical system is covered up to a $500 limit and includes coverage of most home components and parts.

Coverage length

Choice Home Warranty coverage begins exactly 30 days after enrollment and ends 365 days, or one year, after the start date. If you’re covered by another home warranty company and you’re able to prove that there have been no lapses in coverage, Choice will start your new plan immediately after the old one expires. Plans can also be renewed year after year.

Coverage limits

Choice Home Warranty doesn’t cover any failure or malfunction caused by insufficient maintenance—including rust or corrosion—collapsed ductwork, or pre-existing conditions.

Familiarize yourself with the Choice Home Warranty terms of service—there could be coverage limits to certain systems and appliances listed under your plan. A sample contract is available online so you understand what is and isn’t covered. For instance, carbon monoxide alarms and smoke detectors are not included in the electrical system coverage. However, all other electrical components and parts, including built-in bathroom exhaust fans, are covered.

As long as your appliances and systems are in good working order and properly maintained, Choice does not deny coverage based on the age of your home. The home warranty plan is intended for home repairs or replacements that occur from everyday wear and tear. If you move into an older home and aren’t sure how long the working appliances or systems will last, a Choice Home Warranty plan is a viable option.

You don’t want to get stuck paying out-of-pocket for something you’ve just acquired. You also don’t want to get stuck paying to repair or replace an expensive system or appliance that could have been covered by a home warranty plan. With Choice, you can choose from two plans that cover major home systems and appliances and customize your home warranty coverage by adding optional protection for items like your pool, second refrigerator, and septic system.

Service calls

Choice Home Warranty’s customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Customers can:

  • Submit a claim online—https://www.choicehomewarranty.com/account-center/
  • Call the customer support center—1-888-531-5403

You’re responsible for filing a claim as soon as you discover an issue with a system or appliance. Once you submit a claim, Choice will contact an authorized service professional within 48 hours—or four days if you call on a weekend or holiday—to address the issue. The service professional will then call you during business hours to schedule an appointment.

Note: Choice maintains the right to determine whether or not your call constitutes an emergency. If it does, the home warranty company will do its best to expedite the process.

States covered under Choice Home Warranty

*Choice Home Warranty covers all states except California, Oklahoma, and Washington.

Choice Home Warranty cost

Choice Home Warranty customers pay between $29 and $42 per month. The company’s prices are on par with other home warranty plans. In fact, $29 per month is well below the industry average cost.

That being said, your total home warranty cost depends on where you live, the level of coverage you choose, and any optional coverage you choose to add on. We recommend calling Choice for a personalized quote. Plus, it’s easier to negotiate a better deal over the phone than through email.

Service fees

With Choice, customers are required to pay a service fee up to $85 per claim. This payment goes directly to the service technician who completes your repair or installs your replacement item. Choice Home Warranty encourages you to call its customer service to learn more about the trade service fee and whether you qualify for a discount. We’ve heard of customers locking in a service call fee as low as $60.

Choice Home Warranty reviews

Punctuality and an easy claims process are often highlighted in Choice Home Warranty reviews.

Rebecca D. on May 5, 2019

“The service request was immediately acknowledged by text and email. The technician was identified and [an] appointment was made the same day as [a] service request. Mr. Pellirito was on time [and] efficient in providing and explaining the solution to the HVAC problem. I will use his company going forward using Choice as my warranty company.”

Myrna C. on April 18, 2019

“The young man I worked with was courteous and respectful. He explained the program options and answered all my questions and concerns. I feel confident with my choice and the company.”

Bona M.S. on April 15, 2019

“As a widow and not having family close by, Choice Home Warranty has been fabulous. I can trust the [people] and they do excellent work. My house is 66 years old and it’s great not to worry about repair costs.”

Mohammed K. A. on February 27, 2019

“I found the response from CHW to be quick. I hold two contracts with them, and I recommend them as a reliable company.”

Xiaofang J. on January 27, 2019

“I have filed several claims with CHW in the past. This time, the technician, Wizard Appliance Service, [was] the best. The technician arrived on time and diagnosed the problem fast—very professional.”

Judy L. on December 13, 2018

“I have been a Choice customer for several years now and their customer service and their response to my claims has never been short of excellent. My furnace went out on Saturday afternoon, and by Sunday morning a technician was already diagnosing the problem. After ordering the faulty part, within a few days the furnace was fixed. Thank you, Choice, for your excellent dispatch process”

Dee on November 26, 2018

“On November 16, my carbon monoxide detectors activated. The fire department confirmed the presence of CO and shut off the furnace. Choice was contacted and dispatched Allen HVAC Services on the same day. Thanks Choice and Allen for the professional response to our emergency.”

Choice Home Warranty ratings

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given Choice Home Warranty a B- rating based on 1,438 Choice Home Warranty reviews. The business is not BBB accredited.

TrustPilot gives Choice Home Warranty a TrustScore of 7.6 out of 10. TrustPilot’s TrustScore measures customer satisfaction based on verified reviews.

Looking at other home warranty reviews online, you’ll find that Choice Home Warranty has an average score of 7.8 out of 10. This above average rating is attributed to Choice Home Warranty’s comprehensive coverage, comparably low annual prices, flat fees, and easy claims process.

Choice Home Warranty At A Glance

Waiting Period 30 days
Cancel without fee within 30 days
Cancellation fee $50
Automatic Renewal Yes
Period to cancel automatic renewal 30 days
Repair timeframe 2-4 business days
Free Re-service Period (parts) 90 days
Free Re-service Period (labor) 30 days
Customer Service 24/6

Our conclusion

House Method gives Choice Home Warranty 5 out of 5 stars. We believe it’s the best home warranty company overall. Pricing is competitive, its service fees are normal, and the lack of coverage caps makes a huge difference in cost—or savings, rather. An important criterion to our reviews team is that the age of home systems and appliances doesn’t affect coverage.

Choice Home Warranty is a good choice for you if …

  • you own an older home—The company does not deny coverage based on the age of your home or its systems and appliances, as long as you’ve taken good care of them. Choice also doesn’t require you to get a home inspection before getting home warranty coverage.
  • your refrigerator is on the fritz—Freon is fully covered whereas most companies charge $10 per pound.
  • you want a basic plan—Choice Home Warranty provides a Basic Plan that includes both appliances and systems and a Total Plan for more comprehensive coverage.

Choice Home Warranty might not be the best option for you if…

  • you live in California, Oklahoma, or Washington, as these states are not covered by CHW.
  • you want to choose your own service technician for repairs or replacements.

Choice Home Warranty company information

  • Company name: Choice Home Warranty
  • Company type: Private
  • CEO: Victor Mandalawi
  • Founding date: 5/18/2008
  • Address: 1090 King Georges Post Road, Edison, NJ 08837
  • State availability: 47 states
  • Service fee: $75
  • BBB rating: B-
  • Number of BBB complaints closed within last 3 years: 4,815

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Choice Home Warranty cover garage doors?

In general, home warranties do not cover garage doors—only major systems and appliances. However, Choice Home Warranty does cover your garage door opener under both of its plans.
Coverage includes all components and parts except garage doors, hinges, springs, sensors, chains, travelers, tracks, rollers, and remote receiving/transmitting devices.

Does Choice Home Warranty cover water heaters?

Yes, both of Choice Home Warranty’s plans cover water heaters. All parts and components, including circulating pumps, are covered. The following parts are not covered:
– Insulation blanket
– Pressure reducing valve
– Fuel, main, holding, or storage tanks
– Vents and flues
– Thermal expansion tank
– Low boy or squat water heater
– Solar water heater and solar components
– Noise
– Energy management systems
– Commercial-grade equipment over 75 gallons
– Drain pans and lines
– Tankless water heater
Remember: Like most home warranty companies, Choice Home Warranty requires its customers to conduct routine maintenance on their covered appliances and systems. This means that sediment build-up, rust, and corrosion are not covered repairs.

How much does Choice Home Warranty cost?

Choice Home Warranty coverage costs $29–$42 per month.
You can pay an annual premium upfront or pay monthly installments. Sometimes, if you opt into three- or five-year coverage plans, you can lock in a price. Otherwise, premiums are subject to increase year after year upon renewal.
Choice Home Warranty offers one month free on a promotional basis for a contract length of 13 months.

Is Choice Home Warranty transferable?

Yes, Choice Home Warranty is transferable between home sellers and buyers at the time of the home sale.
Many home sellers will purchase a home warranty plan to cover repairs while the house is listed and under contract. They can then transfer home warranty coverage to the home buyers. This gives anxious home buyers some peace of mind that major household components are protected.

This is one value proposition for home warranties. If you’re debating a home warranty versus a manufacturer’s warranty, remember that manufacturer warranties are often times not transferable.

Can I cancel my Choice Home Warranty?

The Choice Home Warranty cancellation policy is very lenient. Customers can cancel Choice Home Warranty plans at any time. An administration fee of $50 will be withheld, but you will otherwise receive a full refund for the months of coverage you’ve already pre-paid for. If you paid a three-year plan premium upfront, and you want to cancel at the beginning of year three, you will receive one year’s worth of premium back (less the $50 admin fee).

Is Choice Home Warranty any good?

Yes, Choice Home Warranty is the best home warranty company that House Method has reviewed so far. It’s a good choice for homeowners who live in older houses, as the age of covered items does not affect coverage. It’s also a great option for homeowners who are looking for an affordable home warranty plan that covers systems and appliances. However, Choice Warranty is not good for homeowners who live in California, Oklahoma, or Washington, as the home warranty company does not cover those states.

How does Choice Home Warranty work?

After signing up for a home warranty plan, Choice Home Warranty customers will have to wait 30 days until coverage actually begins. After 30 days, customers can file as many claims as they’d like.

Customers should file a claim as soon as they discover a problem from a covered system or appliance. Choice Home Warranty aims to handle claims within two to four days.
After approving your claim, CHW will schedule an appointment with one of its pre-approved service technicians. Customers will pay the $60–$75 service fee to the service technician upon arrival to their home.
If the item cannot be repaired, Choice Warranty may agree to replace the system or appliance altogether. If parts must be ordered, customers will not have to pay a second service call fee upon the technician’s second appointment. In fact, repairs are guaranteed for 90 days, which will prevent customers from paying a second service call fee should the covered item break again.