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American Residential Warranty Review

Review: American Residential Warranty

This review was created to help you better understand the pros and cons of home warranty plans provided by American Residential Warranty.

This review was created to help you better understand the pros and cons of home warranty plans provided by American Residential Warranty.

    American Residential Warranty Summary

    A home warranty contract is an excellent resource to protect your valuable home systems and appliances. The optional coverage differs from a homeowner’s insurance policy as it covers your belongings from breakdowns caused by normal wear and tear.

    When deciding which home warranty provider is best, you must consider pricing, coverage limitations, terms and conditions, and the company’s customer service policies. American Residential Warranty (ARW) is an award-winning company that provides financial relief when your home systems and appliances fail from an unexpected breakdown.

    In this House Method 2022 American Residential Warranty review, we discuss protection plans, pricing, and customer reviews to help you decide whether or not American Residential Warranty is the best home warranty provider for you and your home.

    Pros and Cons of Priority Home Warranty

    Compare the advantages and disadvantages of American Residential Warranty below:

    Pros Cons
    Available in all 50 states.  Washer and dryer coverage is only available in the most expensive policy.
    Appoints a licensed, in-network repair service for claims.  Home systems or appliances aged ten years have lesser payout caps than newer equipment.
    Typically addresses emergency issues within 24 hours after approving a claim. 

    American Residential Warranty: At A Glance

    Years in business 13
    Better Business Bureau rating A+
    Number of available plans
    Response time Forty-eight hours for non-emergencies and 24 hours for urgent issues. 
    Claims submission Online form

    About American Residential Warranty

    Founded in 2009 in Boca Raton, Florida, American Residential Warranty is a national company providing home warranty coverage in all 50 states. The team offers several tiers of warranty packages for appliances and systems and secondary plans for electronics protection and optional equipment.

    It partners with well-established companies like AIG Warranty, Lowe’s, and Asurion to handle the underwriting process and provide cost-effective rates for appliance replacements.

    American Residential Warranty Plans

    American Residential Warranty offers three levels of coverage. Customers can choose a policy that primarily covers kitchen appliances or includes home systems.  The third plan is a comprehensive 4-in-1 bundle with a complete home warranty. Compare the different policies to see what’s covered in each package. 

    Covered System Kitchen Plus Platinum Premier 4-in-1 Bundle
    Interior electrical system
    Built-in microwave
    Garbage disposal
    Kitchen exhaust fan
    Water heater
    Central air conditioner
    Central home heater
    Plumbing system
    Plumbing stoppages
    Garage door opener
    Ceiling fans
    Washer and dryer
    Deluxe Advantage
    Ultimate Electronics Protection
    Water and sewer lines

    You will notice in the 4-in-1 bundle that the package includes the Deluxe Advantage and Ultimate Electronics Plan coverage. The two policies offer enhanced protection for home systems, appliances, and household electronic components. 

    With the Deluxe Advantage policy, the following items are covered.

    • A/C refrigerant and coils
    • Refrigerant recapture
    • Plumbing faucets and fixtures
    • Permits, modifications, and code violations
    • Toilets and internal mechanisms
    • Improper installation
    • Mismatched systems
    • Garage door springs and tracks

    Opting for the Ultimate Electronics Protection package includes essential home electronic items, including:

    • Flat screen televisions
    • Home theater systems
    • Desktops and laptops
    • Tablets
    • Gaming consoles
    • Printers
    • Routers
    • Hand-held gaming devices

    For further coverage, American Residential Warranty also offers protection plans for optional systems and appliances. Customers can further customize their policy by purchasing individual policies for equipment like: 

    • Additional central heating or air conditioning system
    • Built-in microwave
    • Ceiling fans
    • Clothes washer and dryer
    • Food spoilage
    • Ice maker
    • Pool and spa
    • Water heater
    • Well pump

    Types of Coverage

    American Residential Warranty requires a 30-day waiting period that begins when you make an initial payment for the service. Once your coverage kicks in, the company protects qualified home systems and appliances for 11 months. 

    The company defines a qualifying breakdown as a mechanical or electrical failure of the covered system, component, or appliance that impacts its ability to perform its fundamental operation in normal service as defined by the manufacturer. 

    To be eligible for a warranty, the equipment must be:

    1. Located within the confines of the main foundation of the home;
    2. In good working order on the effective date of the contract. 
    3. Properly maintained and installed throughout the coverage period; and
    4. Manufactured solely for residential use.

    American Residential Warranty states on its terms and conditions, that its obligation to pay for the repair or replacement of covered items will not exceed $5,000 per 12-month period. 


    While most breakdowns from normal wear and tear are included for coverage, there are some exclusions and payout limits to note. 

    Appliance Coverage Limits

    Appliances like refrigerators, water heaters, built-in microwaves, and dishwashers are only covered up to $500 for a repair or replacement per a 12-month contract period. If the resolution exceeds this limit, the customer is responsible for paying the remaining costs. 

    Home Systems Coverage Limits

    More expensive systems like a home’s HVAC system and equipment covered in the Deluxe Advantage package are eligible for up to $1,000 of coverage. Under the Deluxe Advantage, many appliances qualify for the enhanced payout amount. 

    Age-Based Payout Structure

    American Residential Warranty places an age limit to determine the coverage limits available for home systems and appliances. For instance, a central air or heating system ten years or older only carries a $600 replacement allowance. 

    Appliances in the same age group are eligible for $300 in coverage per contract. However, each year a customer is enrolled, the amount increases annually by $50 to a maximum of $1,000 for systems and $500 for appliances.

    American Residential Warranty Cost

    The cost for an American Residential Warranty contract will vary depending on the plan you select and if you include optional add-ons. However, the provider gives transparent prices for policies on its website. The Kitchen Plus plan starts at $39.99/month, and the Platinum Premier package averages $64.99/month. For the comprehensive 4-in-1 bundle, you can expect to pay around $129.99 per month. 

    While the Ultimate Electronics Protection Plan is included in the 4-in-1 bundle, you can purchase the coverage separately if you choose a different package for $24.99 per month. Optional add-ons like a washer and dryer cost $9.99/month, and more intricate equipment like a pool or spa average about $23.99 per month. 

    Another American Residential Warranty cost to consider is its service trade fee. Customers must pay an expense of $55 to $75 when a service technician arrives on-site to address a claim. The payment is due to each professional needed to resolve the issue. For example, if both an HVAC technician and an electrician are required, you will be responsible for paying the service trade fee to each expert.

    How to Get a Quote

    You can fill out an online form to receive a free, no-obligation quote from the American Residential Warranty website. The document asks for personal information like your name, location, and contact information. A contract expert will be in touch to discuss the terms and cost obligations. 

    Customers can also browse the company’s website and build their own plans. After choosing a bundle, you can select optional add-ons. You will then complete the transaction directly from the website and enroll in a policy.

    American Residential Warranty Claims Process

    Policyholders should immediately contact the home warranty provider when an appliance or home system malfunctions. Customers based in CA or VA can call 800-863-8600. For all other states, the number is 800-341-3624. Representatives are standing by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to expedite a claim. 

    Alternatively, you can submit a claim online via the provider’s website. You will be asked for your contact information, the best time to get in touch, the date of the malfunction, and a description of the problem. 

    Once your claim is submitted, American Residential Warranty will dispatch a licensed service professional within 48 hours for non-emergency repairs. For emergency issues, the team strives to initiate services within 24 hours.

    American Residential Warranty Reviews

    Based on its Better Business Bureau profile, American Residential Warranty is awarded an A+ by the agency. After over 200 reviews from actual customers, the team shows a 3 of 5-star rating. Look at what policyholders say about their experiences with the home warranty provider. 

    “I had to call American Residential Warranty twice, and both times someone called and set a time to be here. Each time the repairmen fixed the problem and made sure we were happy with the service. I trust ARW to be there if something goes wrong.” —Jerry W., 01/2022, 5 Stars.

    “I have been very pleased with ARW services. Each time I have called for a service request, ARW has contacted a vendor, and so far, they have arrived to repair the same day. I have never had service that quick with any other warranty provider.” —Fran P., 04/2022, 5 Stars.

    Our Take

    We recommend American Residential Warranty because of its excellent track record of expediting emergency services within 24 hours of a breakdown and 24/7 access to its agents. The available bundles are also why ARW thrives in the home warranty industry. With options to include basic coverage for kitchen appliances and more comprehensive packages, customers can find a great range of services to meet their needs. 

    The only significant disadvantage we find is that that provider declines full coverage for appliances or home systems aged ten years or older. If you have an HVAC system or other expensive equipment that is disqualified due to age, this may not be your best option as a replacement can be a tremendous expense. 

    However, if your home systems are newer but fall outside the manufacturer warranty, consider contacting American Residential Warranty for an accurate quote.


    At House Method, transparency and trust are our most important values for the reader. That’s why we took the time to create an objective rating system and score each home warranty provider according to our methodology. Our team spent hours on the phone speaking to representatives from each home warranty company to get information right from the source.

    Our rating system involves a weighted, 100-point scale that scores home warranty companies on plans offered, coverage, state availability, cost, trustworthiness, customer service, and unique benefits.

    For more details, check out our affiliate disclosure and rating methodology.

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