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Best Home Warranty Companies 2024

Best Home Warranties 2024

Looking to protect your home & appliances from costly repairs or replacements? We've vetted and compared dozens of the best home warranty companies and analyzed thousands of home warranty reviews and we only recommend those we would trust with our own homes.

Looking to protect your home & appliances from costly repairs or replacements? We've vetted and compared dozens of the best home warranty companies and analyzed thousands of home warranty reviews and we only recommend those we would trust with our own homes.

Our Home Warranty Reviews Process

All of the plans we recommend have gone through our thorough home warranty reviews process which considers a variety of factors including the comprehensiveness of coverage, pricing, coverage caps, responsive customer service, availability, and claims process. Using this home warranty reviews methodology, we only recommend the best home warranty companies.

Factors to consider before buying a warranty


First, you’ll want to make sure the companies you speak with offer coverage in your state or zip code. Unfortunately, not all plans offer coverage nationwide. If you want immediate reliable coverage, be sure to check customer service hours and confirm if there is a waiting period before your coverage begins.

Appliance & System Age

Start by comparing coverage options for the systems and appliances in your home that you can’t live without. It is also helpful to consider the age of the items in your home as older appliances and systems are more likely to need repair or replacement. As you consider home warranty providers, make sure they offer coverage for these most essential and older items in your home or property.

Plan Options & Add-Ons

If you’re only interested in protecting a few or specific appliances, look for a customizable option so you can only pay for coverage that’s worth the cost for you. Also, consider if there are extra things that you need to be covered such as a pool or spa or roof coverage. When you speak with an agent, make sure to confirm you get all of the coverage you need without paying for the things you don’t.

How to get the best home warranty deal

When you speak with a sales agent be sure to inquire about special offers and deals. Many home warranty companies offer monthly or seasonal discounts and many are willing to discount pricing if you pay upfront or commit for more than one year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home warranty?

A home warranty is an optional service contract that covers the cost to repair or replace an appliance or system when it breaks down over time from normal wear and tear.

With a home warranty plan, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that the cost of unexpected home repairs will be limited. Most often, all you’ll pay is a relatively small service fee.

Are home warranties worth it?

Yes, home warranties are well worth the cost. You’ll trade costly repairs for as little as $29 per month. A home warranty is especially worthwhile in times when your budget is thin and your nerves are shot, i.e. during the holiday season or when you close on a new house.

Second, don’t overlook the peace of mind you’ll feel when your major home systems and appliances are protected.

And finally, the best home warranty providers give you access to a network of licensed professionals in your area. You won’t have to read plumber reviews or ask your neighbors for a referral ever again.

Should I get a home warranty plan?

Yes, you should get a home warranty plan if you want to avoid paying full price for expensive home repair and replacement costs.

House Method suggests home warranties to all homeowners including home buyers—especially first-time home buyers—and sellers, realtors, and rental property owners.

A home warranty may not be necessary if you have a brand new house that’s still protected under a builder’s warranty or if your home is larger than 5,000 square foot.

How much is a one-year home warranty?

Most home warranties cost $25–$67 per month, but we consider premiums lower than $50 to be an affordable home warranty. We found that companies that offer custom coverage or build-your-own plans are the cheapest home warranties.

We’ve heard several complaints about providers raising their prices year after year. Unfortunately, this is common as the demand for home warranties increase. You can always ask if you can lock in a price at the time of signing.

Sometimes home warranty companies will guarantee your rate if you pay for a three- or five-year plan. This is a large sum of money upfront, but you can usually cancel any time and receive a refund for the amount you don’t use. Ask the company about cancellation policies and fees. We’ve seen fees range from $50 to $75.

Who pays for a home warranty?

Home buyers and sellers, realtors, and rental property owners can all buy a home warranty and benefit from a home protection plan.

Home buyers will pay for home warranty coverage if they purchase the plan after closing. However, it’s becoming more common for the seller to pay for a one-year home warranty if they offer it as part of the home sale.

Real estate agents sometimes pay for a home warranty for the seller in order to cover potential repairs that crop up while the home is listed. Realtors may also offer a home warranty to the buyers they’re representing as a kind of thank-you gift and a way to ease anxious buyers’ minds.

Rental property owners can bake the cost of a home warranty into the tenant’s monthly rent.